Civita di Bagnoregio

History, art, culture and traditions, are the basic requirements of an area that seems to stand still in an eventful past.
Civita di Bagnoregio is an example of a unique marvel of its kind.
Connected to the world only by a long, narrow bridge, the “dying city”, it has long been so named because of slow landslides of tufa walls, enclosing a cluster of medieval houses and a population of a few families.
Set gently on a summit, the town overlooks the imperative immense valley below, giving the tourists a charming and unforgettable setting.



Lago di Bolsena

Lake Bolsena boasts a natural environment largely untouched and is one of the few great Italian lakes to be completely bathing. The cleanliness of its waters (saying of fishermen that this is “the lake with a drink!”) Has secured an extraordinary development of plant and animal species, including many species of algae and underwater plants almost completely disappeared in other basins.



Cascata delle Marmore

The Marmore Waterfall is an artificial waterfall is among the highest in Europe, relying on a total drop of 165 meters, divided into three jumps. It is located in Valnerina about 7.5 km from Terni and 28 km from Spoleto, is formed by the river Velino that, near the hamlet of Marmore flows from Lake Piediluco and dives with noise below the gorge of the Black River, a tributary of the Tiber .